Lennart Döring and Gerald Zollner are music and MUSK. The artist duo hailing from Berlin readies their next stroke of genius underlining the both’s self-esteem or simply the mathematical eigenvalue. After Last Reason the duo is about to drop their second single, Eigenvalue, from their upcoming album Machine Takeover – a visionary approach technical influence on societies. The latter is musically embodied by Eigenvalue, a futuristic piece of synthy music that makes one prove its worth or your Eigenvalue. The hypnotic chords, the alternating volume, the glitches almost taking an Acid-ish direction before pads from the back are maneuvered to the foreground, almost, because the lead-synth takes over and is supported by a pushy clap. These two producers clearly know how to draw attention to a basically steady tonal sequence of chords by adding several gadgetry that lure the listener each time into a different direction when not changing (musical) lanes. A musical piece of sophisticated sound-design – the duo clearly knows their eigenvalue.

MUSK’s single Eigenvalue will be released on LGDZ on June 5th, 2020.

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