EXCLUSIVE YAME ‘To The Sea’ [Disco Halal Single Club]

The next round of singles on Moscoman’s Disco Halal Single Club is about to drop. After an impressive piece by Croatian producer Time To Sleep, it’s YAME to follow the steps, musically as well as verbally, because after Lungo Mare comes To The Sea. The artist duo YAME, consisting of Alexandr Seletsky and Victor Kiriyakidi, delivers a track that brims with musical finesse and edginess as if their inspirations Yello and Kraftwerk shook hands and added a driving raw bass line. To the Sea has it all an Indie vibe, a disco-ish tone and foremost a catchy synth-line, which is added edited and unedited vocals that underline either one of the aforementioned features and continue the impressive selection of music the label releases.

YAME’s single To The Sea will be released on Disco Halal Singles Club on June 5th, 2020.

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