EXCLUSIVE Mufti ‘Impasse’ [Ombra International]

Curses’ 13 tracks heavy compilation International Waters Vol. 1 for his Ombra International label musically portrays how the past, present and future of the darker Disco with a pinch of New Wave, Post-Punk and Italo Disco could sound like – driving, pulsating, genre-blending music that makes you want to leave the sofa and follow your ordinary weekend routine, namely that of dancing in dark sweaty clubs until the day light. Mufti‘s contribution Impasse, French for dead end, is the exit strategy for all those initially mentioned genre-lovers. With rockish guitar riffs, a typical smashing discoid bassline Impasse combines the best of many (musical) worlds and puts the different pieces meaninfully together to come up with an impressive track that exploits its six and a half minutes fully and dedicates itself to dance.

International Waters Vol. 1 will be released on Ombra International on May 1st, 2020.

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