EXCLUSIVE Mathias Schober ‘The Fall’ feat. Atelier [Lossless]

Co-label head Mathias Schober kicks off Lossless’ 2020 with The Fall and releases his first entire EP after Continuing in 2018. For the EP’s title track the eclectic producer invited Jaś from Atelier, who not only were responsible for Lossless’ last release but also for the label’s first album called Varsam Court. The Fall impresses due to its minimalstically held and well chosen selection of elements, which Mathias assembles to an intriguing basis that sets the backbone of the track and basically invites Ja to not only deliver some vocals but to sound new ways to effectively implement them. The result is an affectionate approach of music that overcomes physical borders by heartwarming and emotional vocals, leading to the rise of The Fall in these strange days.

Mathias Schober’s EP The Fall will be released on Lossless on March 27th, 2020.

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