ART:CAST #80 by WhoMadeWho

Obstacles and Tell Me Are We are just two of WhoMadeWho‘s musical contributions to the scene in the past few months, each turning the same upside down, both highly anticipated and acclaimed. Their productions can partly be classified as disco electronica with an experimental housy note and, of course, it features the characteristic vocals of Tomas Høffding, which is like having another ace up your sleeve. The story of WhoMadeWho’s success dates back to 2003 when Høffding, Barfod and Kjellberg decided to start their musical mission in Copenhagen, which came to fruition only a few months later when the trio released their first single Happy Girl. Ever since WhoMadeWho have released six albums, with Through The Walls in 2018 being their latest LP to date. Besides Tomas Barfod, Tomas Høffding and Jeppe Kjellberg have not only landed several (underground) hits but had their music remixed by several scene’s mainstays like DJ Koze, Hot Chip or Michael Mayer. For the 80th eposide of the art:cas series WhoMadeWho take their listeners crisscross through several musical approaches yet remain true to one style – synth-driven and influenced Alternative/ Indie tunes alternate with Diso-ish and more (melodical) housy takes to create the WhoMadeWho energetic trademark sound.

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