DJ CHARTS Ditian [Innervisions, TAU]

Having had a memorable 2019 with an EP on Exit Strategy and single track contributions to Innervisions’ Secret Weapons compilation and Sum Over Histories’ Path Integral various artists EP, Ditian musically seems to keep on riding the wave of success. Only a few months in the new decade the Argentinian artist has already provided his supporters with a remix for Echonomist’s track Modern Wonder, which was out on TAU, and his track Forgotten April, that was part of Secret Weapons’ 12th edition and made Ditian a three time contributor to Innervision’s prestigious annual compilation of hidden gems. Ahead of an upcoming EP, which will be out in spring, the artists gives us 10 (tracks) he’s currently digging and spinning.

  1. Ditian ‘Forgotten April’ [Innervisions]
  2. Roman Flügel ‘Parade D’Amour’ [Running Back]
  3. JT ‘Progreso’ [unknown]
  4. Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Last Night feat. Dreamcast’ (Marcus Worgull Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
  5. Denis Horvat ‘Patenta’ [Vokabularium]
  6. Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini ‘Illusion of Time’ [Phantasy]
  7. Mattheis ‘Woodlands’ [Nous’klaer Audio]
  8. Beesmunt Soundsystem ‘Hypno’ (Hivern Discs)
  9. Brothers Not Friends ‘Alpha Beta’ [unknown]
  10. Ditian ‘Enigma’ (Snake Dub) [TAU]

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