EXCLUSIVE Toh Imago ‘La Napoule (Nathan Micay’s Life In Every Breath Remix)’ [InFiné]

Berliner by choice and Torontonian by heart Nathan Micay, also known under his Bwana artist moniker under which he released on labels such as AUS Music or Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin, took on remix duties for Toh Imago‘s track La Napoule, which was originally released on Toh’s album Nord Noir last year. Just as the remix title suggests Nathan’s approach breathes new life into the original as he delivers a less playful but straight to the point livable version that does not lose the original’s character but emphasizes the lead-synth melody. In typical Micay-manner a more techno-esque bassline is added and gives the take a darker note, maybe a little Berghain/ Panorama Bar vibe, which symbolically stands for a more raw and unfinished approach at places, where the electronic music culture still has time and space to unfold its magic and sprinkle the same to its audience just like Nathan Micay does with every beat, with every breath of his remix to both, namely the scene and the Toh Imago’s original.

Toh Imago’s EP Nord Noir Remixes will be released on InFiné on March 6th, 2020.

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