ART:CAST #73 by Bawrut

With releases or remixes on his mother-label Ran$om Note, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, Atomnation or Duro plus another remix for British Pop/Electronica band Metronomy it’s hard to deny that Bawrut‘s been musically on fire in 2019 and continued what he had started the year before when his ‘star’ began to shine. The reasons for the rise of the Madrid-based producer can be simply explained through the artist’s versatility, still Bawrut’s productions are easily to be recognized amongst other music as his tracks always contain a certain ‘roughness’ with the right amount of edginess that make them stand out from others. His art:cast takes the same line and blends various (electronic) music genres, includes tracks that create a calm after or before the storm. Warm rhytmical takes set the base to be mixed with rough or creaking tunes as if the listener is pulled to the dance floor from his tropical resort to be then sent to spheres he’s not discovered during this little mental trip yet. Bawrut’s art:cast surprises his audience due to its unpredictability just like the artist’s approach to produce music. What is for sure though is that one can rely on Bawrut’s skills to create music that outlasts current trends and this mix surely will do.

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