EXCLUSIVE Laolu ‘Many Faces’ [Madorasindahouse Records]

As part of Madorasindahouse‘s ‘Sound Of Sasaab’ compilation Laolu‘s highly anticipated track ‘Many Faces’, which has already gained the support of scene mainstays like Jimi Jules and the Innervisions crew, finally sees the light of day. ‘Many Faces’ is a symbiosis of smoothly combined electronic soundscapes with traditional African vocals and instruments. The Geneva based artist once again easily masters the difficulties, namely those of finding the right balances between the right dose of chants and a groovy and driving instrumental. Catchy synth chords are sprinkled over a funky bass line and set a positive tone for the track, which – at its peak – is provided with piano sounds. Laolu created a track whose over-all arrangement aims to maintain the groove and soaks its audience into it rather than giving dance floors a hands up in the air-moment. Thereby the artist beats his hollow as he boasts with an authentic take can simply be described as ‘cool’.

Laolu’s ‘Many Faces‘ will be released as part of ‘Sounds Of Sasaab’ on Madorasindahouse Records on November 29th, 2019.

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