EXCLUSIVE Jepe feat. Evelynka ‘Ready When You Are (Phunkadelica Remix)’ [Engrave Ltd]

A simple thesis leads to genius results. Portuguese but Berlin-based producer Jepe returns to Engrave Ltd with his track ‘Ready When You Are’ featuring vocals from Evelynka, which not only comes with an original version but also with remixes from co-label owner Musumeci and Phunkadelica. The latter start their remix approach with a grandiose almost majestical symphony catching the listener’s attention right away to then press the reset button and have a second preamble, namely Phunkadelica release a lush bass line, which are shortly after enriched with creaking synth chords add an almost ravish- electro vibe to the track and Evelynka’s vocals that complement an irresistable sweaty club-touch. But if one thinks the duo’s remix take is heading into exactly this direction is on the wrong track. Those slight ravey moments are taken over by a synth-pad sequence that brings in a melodic-note that the duo purposely neglected in the first place to precisely create this moment of inner deliverance and finding relief in the harmony before the track returns to its musical origins and emphasizes the interplay of creaking chords and vocals over a driving bass line.

Jepe’s EP ‘Ready When You Are‘ will be released on Engrave Ltd on November 15th, 2019.

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