EXCLUSIVE Ccismō ‘Octubre (Aera Remix)’ [Sol Eterno]

Internationally oriented and Berlin based label Sol Eterno’s latest signing comes from Mexican artist duo Carla and César Mendoza, better known under their alias Ccismō, who come in with two original tracks, ‘Laso’ and ‘Octubre’ for their first installment on the label, while ‘Octubre’ is provided with a remix by Aera. Known and worshipped for his releases on renowned labels such as Permanent Vacation, Maeve or Innervisions, the Northern Germany rooted artist turns the after a calendar month named track into a hybrid of a soothing yet club-compatible take. The atmospheric and pad-based intro comes to an end when the kick sets in after being one minute in the track. From then on ‘Octubre’ turns to an ‘Aerathon’ as the lead synth sets in and in the course changes its tonality to evoke bizarre, almost mental moments and soak one into its melodic composition in the best Art of Noise-manner. But Aera emphasizes these ‘moments of love’ even more when a good ol’ piano replaces the synth to create these – at least for these times – atypical feel good vibes that House Music once was known for. Before returning to the track’s initial chords and basis, Aera enjoys the pleasantly arranged piano-key ride that it becomes inevitable for the listener not to join it physically and mentally.

Ccismō’s EP ‘Laso‘ will be released on Sol Eterno on October 25th, 2019.

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