ART:CAST #70 by Ruede Hagelstein

Multi-talented artist Ruede Hagelstein has been a go-to when it comes to electronic music in and from Berlin. Starting his DJ-career in the late 90s at infamous nightlife club Tresor, the Berliner earned a residency spot at Watergate Club in the mid noughties. Still Ruede’s skills and talents are so manifold that he’s always thought outside the box, namely he was an editor at various magazines like Groove, earned an Audio Engineer Degree at the SAE Institute and, since he had been dreaming of a rockstar career and to show a different facet of his musical being, became part of Indie-Electronica band ‘Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes’. On top of all the aforementioned the musician founded his own mixing studio and label, DUAT Records, too. With as many possibilities to choose from one thing’s for sure, whenever you hear from Ruede Hagelstein, you’ll not be confronted with the ordinary but with something profound, something that withstands time and you can return to as you can witness his musical skills regularly in a club, on a record or on a track coming out of his mixing studio. And speaking of records, the Berliner’s list of artists he’s worked with is almost as long as his career. A good few months back he was part of WhoMadeWho’s Watergate 26 compilation and even contributed two tracks to it, one with the Copenhagen-band itself and one in collaboration with Just Evans. Last year Hagelstein remixed Irish duo Between Ourselves and their track ‘Red Mist’ on André Lodemann’s label Best Works, which was a constant dance floor weapon in the sets of Dixon or Âme. For his art:cast, the 70th edition of the series, can be characterized as a musical approach to capture the beauty of a late fall cuddling with winter or Atelier meeting Underworld with a touch of Ruede in-between.

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