EXCLUSIVE Speaking Minds & Amarcord ‘Jupiter Express’ [Correspondant]

Jennifer Cardini’s label Correspondant kicks off 2019 with their various artists EP ‘Numéro 01’ which holds five exclusive tracks from artists like Damon Jee, EDE, Jenia Tarsol & Jinga, Joris Briesmans and Speaking Minds & Amarcord. The latter’s contribution, ‘Jupiter Express’, is most likely one of the highly anticipated tracks of the EP and, for good reason, has been played out by several scene mainstays. ‘Jupiter Express’ implements a New Wave-vibe right with its first beat and chord and has the finger on the pulse of current electronic music developments. As the track progresses Speaking Minds & Amarcord add various synth-chord-variations in different octaves while a stomping bass line takes you on a ride into different spaces before further spacey soundscapes are skillfully added and a warm bleeping and echoing arpeggio rings in the finale of the ‘Jupiter Express’ and its arrival in a new musical and out of space world.

Correspondant’s various artist EP ‘Numéro 01‘ will be released January 18th, 2019 on Correspondant.

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