EXCLUSIVE Braunbeck ‘Schlaflos (Daniel Bortz Remix)’ [Sol Eterno]

Do you like it deep? Berlin based label Sol Eterno and its co-founder Fabian Braunbeck follow a new musical approach with their latest three tracker ‘Schlaflos’. The track title, the German word for sleepless, as well as the Daniel Bortz Remix of ‘Schaflos’ and ‘CafĂ© Jasmin’ extend the previous label-sound as they all focus on more defined and classical soundscapes that can be ascribed to the Deep House genre. Regardless ‘Schaflos’ certainly is not a Deep House EP in a classical sense but rather a melodical firework depicting a darker maybe even a more thoughful Fabian Braunbeck. With Daniel Bortz taking on remix duties for the EP’s title track, ‘Schlaflos’ gets a completely make-over as the Augsburger producer emphasizes the original’s deep shades and adds a dubby twist to it while mystically croaking sounds step from the back- to the foreground and evoke a feeling of restlessness throughout the track. ‘Schlaflos’ represents both Sol Eterno’s and Braunbeck’s most expressive as well as darkly and beautifully twisted vision of electronic music so far.

Braunbeck’s EP ‘Schlaflos‘ will be released January 18th, 2019 on Sol Eterno.

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