ART:CAST #50 by Toto Chiavetta

Italian DJ and producer but foremost musical genius and enthusiast Toto Chiavetta has stired the electronic music scene with complex arrangements, with sound arrays as strong and memorable that it’s almost impossible to name them individually but rather understand the momentum when listening to his music in its entirety. 2018 has seen the Catanian releasing three EPs on renowed labels such as Innervisions, Mule Musiq and Yoruba Records, namely ‘Harmony Somewhere’, ‘Magnus’ and ‘Nagnu Jubo (Remixes)’, a single track, ‘The Paranoid GoGo’ on Multinotes’ – run by Lehar, Musumeci and Olderic, and a remix for Eagles & Butterflies’ tune ‘The Last Dance’. When speaking of Toto Chivetta it is inevitable not to talk about his versatility as his music contains various elements from different cultures and styles with the artist combining them skillfully so that any electronic music affiliate can pick out Toto’s characteristic sound. For Torture the Artist’s jubilee art:cast Chiavetta focused on a slow build-up, on music that does not necessarily find its way to the club or the dance floor or as the artist said ’20-30 minutes are fore the dancers’. While some of selected tracks for Toto’s art:cast on the one side depict the basis and the strength to catch up with his groove others express Toto’s experimental and playfull musical approach. However, if you entirely dive into the artist’s world of sound, you will not only witness new sound-experiences but feel the bound between humans and music as Chiavetta’s music will slowly become part of your musical expression and introduce you to new perspectives.


  1. Sarr Sew ‘Farwell Warde’
  2. Lotus Eater ‘Under the Benches’
  3. Further Reduction ‘Later Than You Think (TC Edit)’
  4. ID ‘ID’
  5. Ivory ‘Super’ Younger Than Me ‘Warning Code’
  6. Younger Than Me ‘Warning Code’
  7. ID ‘ID’
  8. Saudi Matisko & Kyodiai ‘Houston in the Blind’
  9. 33.10.3402 ‘LVIV’
  10. Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra ‘Shikoku’
  11. Sunlight Square ‘Catch Me’

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