EXCLUSIVE Skatman ‘Meraki (Ivory’s Psychedelic Rework)’ [Scatcity]

After four catalogue numbers Aziz Haddad alias Skatman releases his first EP on the label he founded in 2016, Scatcity. ‘Back In The Zukunft’, how Skatman’s debut EP is called, consists out of three original tracks and a remix of ‘Meraki’ by one of the scene’s aspiring artist, namely Daniel Tagliaferri, who’s better known under his Ivory-moniker. Having released on Kompakt, Sol Eterno and delivering Scatcity’s previous EP, ‘Mindfullness’, which was strongly supported by a wide-range of music-connoisseurs and made it into the record bags of Red Axes, Dixon and Ame. Daniel’s approach on ‘Meraki’ features, as the working title already suggests, a psychedelic touch the intro points out subtly in the reams of detailed and apparent deep and multi-dimensional soundscapes. After two minutes and eight seconds ‘Meraki’ is literally added a ‘punchline’ with the bass line’s introduction, which simultaneously supports the twirling and swirling synths and retain the tension throughout the track.

Skatman’s EP ‘Back In The Zukunft‘ will be released October 26th, 2018 on Scatcity.

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