EXCLUSIVE Nandu ‘One Mans High Is Another Mans Anxiety’ [Connected]

Copenhagen producer Rasmus Vincentz Jensen alias Nandu releases his LP ‘One Mans High Is Another Mans Anxiety’ on Connected, and musically links to his EP ‘Another Jam’ that was released on the label earlier this year. The eight tracker, the first album in Connnected’s label history, covers, in typical Nandu manner, a wide range of sounds representing the artist’s versatility and complexity in a musical sense. The LP’s title track ‘One Mans High Is Another Mans Anxiety’ is no exception and, as the title already suggests, portrays the possible anxiety that come with another person’s success at a musical level, of course. The rhythmically beating bass line is joined by a dark synth-melody and an epically sounding vocal that sounds the bell for the shortly repeated twirling arpeggio creating a mentally dark atmosphere that scares the human psyche in a thrilling manner. From then on the track is torn in between the vocal and the synth-segments both representing one of the track title’s addressed two sides, the high and the anxiety, both going hand in hand until the end like a mutual relationship, like life!

Nandu’s LP ‘One Mans High Is Another Mans Anxiety‘ will be released on Connected October 26th, 2018.

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