EXCLUSIVE Dodi Palese ‘Rain Dance’ [Compost]

Producer, DJ, label-head, vinyl-addict, Dodi Palese‘s affiliation to music seems infinite and his tracks represent an extract of this endless passion in a limited time of being. With his ‘Erika EP’ the Italian releases a three tracker on Munich based label Compost, consisting of two originals and a remix by his friends and music companions Lehar & Musumeci, depicting a small repertoire of his musical preferences and state. ‘Rain Dance’ literally just does what the track title suggests, it causes the listener to dance in the imagined irreality of raindrops, pictured by diverse synth-pad-sounds, falling into raised arms as the listener’s mind expects the beautiful touch of them, to be touched by the melodies Dodi created while the feet rhythmically brush the accumulated water on the ground. It’s not only a rain dance but the rain dancing.

Dodi Palese’s EP ‘Erika‘ will be released on Compost Black Label October 19th, 2018.

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