EXCLUSIVE All Is Well ‘Is It (Version 1)’ [Drumpoet Community]

Drumpoet Community is more than a record label, it’s rather a platform for artists to find a home for their personally driven music and taste and express their artistic being. For more than 10 years the Zurich based Drumpoets have contributed various musical creations to the scene, have shaped the local and international nightlife and have given aspiring and well known artists the opportunity to release and develop their personally preferred tracks. The latest contribution to the label comes from All Is Well, who delivers six tracks that result in his ‘Fragments EP’. For quite some weeks the EP has gained major support by scene’s heavy weights, with good reason. ‘Fragments’ depicts diverse approaches to electronic music, includes deeper soundscapes and balances melodic elements so precisely that the different tracks nearly work in any surrounding, in any DJ set. ‘Is It (Version 1)’ is no exception. Right from the start ‘Is It (Version 1)’ scores with its mental synth-melodies that create a hypnotic overall vibe which does not leave any room to escape from its sound-imprisonment.

All Is Well’s EP ‘Fragments‘ will be released October 10th, 2018 on Drumpoet Community.

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