ART:CAST #36 by Santiago Garcia

Originally from Buenos Aires but currently living in Valencia Santiago Garcia‘s name has resounded throughout scene ever since renowned artists from the Innervisions crew discovered his rhythmical driven and melodically touched music. But Santiago has been around way longer and had already left his signature in the South American music scene way before his music made it into the record bags of artists such as Dixon, Trikk, BOg or Lehar. His latest release, ‘Serenata‘, had been a favorite of both DJs and party-goers long before its release on Exit Strategy last week. With his art:cast Santiago provides its listeners with a portrayal of his current musical approach highly focussing on percussive driven and melodically influenced tunes creating a tropical-like vibe with a darker tone and twists. It’s sure to say that Santiago Garcia has had the finger on the pulse while compiling and mixing the latest art:cast and delivers the soundtrack for musical summer romance.

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