EXCLUSIVE Impérieux ‘Patron’ [ATLANT Recordings]

DJ and producer Impérieux returns to BOg’s label ATLANT with his for a third time with his ‘Veran EP’ and manages to emphasize his exquiste taste in selecting soundscapes and piecing them together to extraordinary compositions once again. ‘Patron’ is probably Impérieux’s deepest musical approach and starts off with a warm lead synth-chord melody that shortly after is accompanied by a second melody that guides the listener through the first 4:30 mins of the track. Impérieux then combines the synths and adds a beeping sound that outlasts the break and is subbed by slight percussive elements before bringing back the warm and deep chords that shaped the tracks character from the start.

Impérieux’s EP ‘Veran‘ will be released July 2nd, 2018 on ATLANT Recordings.

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