REVIEW Eagles & Butterflies ‘The Last Dance (Toto Chiavetta + Mano Le Tough Remixes)’ [Art Imitating Life]

Eagles & Butterflies ‘The Last Dance’, a track that touched hearts and paused dance floors this year, was just remixed by the best in the game. Already with one high-profile remix under his felt the Italian superstar Toto Chiavetta tried his hand at this track, to great success, and we know that everything the Irishmen Mano Le Tough touches turns to gold, so Chris Barratt, AKA Eagles & Butterflies can rest assured his track is done justice.

A remix riddled with sombre sounds and tortured vocals, ‘The Last Dance’ reinvented by Toto Chiavetta further explores the ambient and unruly potential of this track. Galloping bass beats contrast a fairly sparse treble section until sparkling descending synth notes appear, bridging some gaps and smoothing other edges. But don’t get too comfortable; guided only by a voice we enter another section of the song, parallel to that of the beatless interlude of the original. It may be spare but it’s not void of emotion; the ghost of previous melodies floats on the peripheral sparking a memory of what was. The bass begins and musical elements reappear and we’re treated once more to the imaginative rendition of this dance music favourite.

Mano Le Tough puts a darker twist on the original, giving this track the full spectrum treatment. Altering the angelically soft rising synth notes to a downward sweeping pulse tone, creating a more legato, gentle feel, there’s always a twist to the Maeve label co-bosses productions. A top a rumbling, stumbling industrial sub bass sits a plucked string sounding melody, flitting up and down. A handful of robotic beeps contrast this while the iconic rising synth notes, preserved from the original, sing. The track exits with drums resonating, an upbeat rhythm driving and synth notes flickering. 

Toto Chiavetta and Mano Le Tough’s remix of ‘The Last Dance’, tracks on ‘Art Imitating Life Vol. 3 LTD’ was released on June 22nd, 2018 on Art Imitating Life. (Tess)

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