DJ CHARTS Fideles [Afterlife]

Fideles remarkable rise in the electronic music scene started with releases on Steve Bug’s label Poker Flat and Stil Vor Talent in 2016. Last year saw the duo pleasing dance floors with their ‘über EP’, ‘The Border’, on Exit Strategy, a contribution to Innervisions’ ‘Secret Weapons series and EPs on Afterlife and Aeon. But Mario and Daniel, how close friends call Fideles, did not leave the path of coming up with solid music and started 2018 with another release, ‘Cerchio’, on Exit Strategy. Furthermore their cut ‘Resonant’ made it into Tale Of Us’ fabric 97 mix that was out Mid-February. Still Mario and Daniel are not only sensitive producers but also careful selectors when it comes to their DJ-sets. Here’s the duo’s exclusive top10 for Torture the Artist – a well curated potpourri of current gems.

  1. Marc Romboy ‘Infrared’ [Innervisions]
  2. Pablo Fierro ‘Kalaa’ [unknown]
  3. From Mamory ‘Paladium’ [unknown]
  4. Ken Hayakawa ‘Backside Shifty’ [L’enfant Terrible]
  5. Fideles ‘Lotus’ [unknown]
  6. Manuel Ro ‘Under The Ocean’ [unknown]
  7. Luis Leon ‘Tau’ [Chapter 24]
  8. Jeremy Olander ‘Caravelle (Marino Canal Remix)’ [Vivrant]
  9. Musumeci ‘The Robots of the Down’ [Engrave Ltd]
  10. The Invariants ‘Hubris And The Systematic II (Trance Mix)’ [Nousklaer Audio]

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