INTERVIEW Fred und Luna

Karlsruhe based musician Fred und Luna, alias Rainer Buchmüller, partly known as Sugar Ray Buckmiller and widely know under his Ariston Baton moniker, his literary self, has left a quite ‘krauty‘ impression with his creative output over the past year. Whether Ariston Baton published nadaphysical poems or Sugar Ray Buckmiller followed musical requests around Germany or the European Union or even further abroad, no matter what the multi-talented artist with several artsy identities touches turns to a piece of art deeply going beyond society‘s current surface. Hence Sugar Ray Buckmiler does not call himself an artist and even goes further when – contrary Beuys‘ approach – he says that ‘nobody is an artist‘. Torture the Artist spoke to Sugar Ray in an intimate living room interview about his artsy approach, his preference for nadaphysique, the inspiration of mannequins and his music, of course. The musical counterpart of Luna, who has released an album, ‘Im Klanggarten‘, on Frank Wiedemann‘s label Bigamo, a remix for Peter Pardeike‘s track ‘Love Supreme‘ that was out on Connaisseur and delivered another remix for mysterious artist V on Le Temps Perdu called ‘La Nouvelle Epoque‘ to name a few over the past year, gives us a personal insight to his creative and never resting mind. (Holger)

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