EXCLUSIVE V ‘La Nouvelle Epoque (Fred und Luna Remix)’ [Le Temps Perdu]

After premiering Fred und Luna’s remix for Peter Pardeike’s ‘Love Supreme‘ back in September the Karlsruhe based musician is back with another remix, this for the mysterious artist V and his track ‘La Nouvelle Epoque’ on Le Temps Perdu. But what truly connects the previous Fred und Luna’s remix and his current one is the story behind it.

Before Rainer Buchm├╝ller, how close friends call Fred und Luna, could work his ‘Kraut-Skills’ on Peter Pardeike’s remix as well as on V’s he had to overcome the burden of facing a completely crashed computer. But of course Rainer came up with a solution. The Karlsruhe resident jumped onto the next train to Berlin to meet up with his friend Achim Treu alias UFO Hawaii, who bailed Rainer out of this misery and helped him set up the remixes. And e voila here is the second one that was produced during Rainer’s short visit in Berlin.

V’s EP ‘La Nouvelle Epoque’ was released on Le Temps Perdu November 24th, 2017.

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