INTERVIEW Fred und Luna

Karlsruhe based musician Fred und Luna, alias Rainer Buchmüller, partly known as Sugar Ray Buckmiller and widely know under his Ariston Baton moniker, his literary self, has left a quite ‘krauty‘ impression with his creative output over the past year.


Panthera Krause has to be one of the in-demand producers of the moment. With releases and remixes on labels such as Riotvan, Uncanney Valley, Lobster Theremine, Connaisseur or Souvenir the Leipzig based producer and illustrator has a keen eye on the scene's musical development.


Lehar recently finished his ‘All through the night‘ tour that led him to cites around Europe before heading back to his studio in the woods near Venice to turn his inspirations into music.


Musumeci has been a constant in the electronic music scene for over two decades or as he states ‘I have been involved with music for 24 years.‘ Over the years the Sicilian has not only built up a reputation for himself as a DJ, but at the same time has created and defined his own unique sound as a producer and DJ.


With a passion for playing the piano that dates back to early childhood years, Olderic‘s productions strongly focus on melodies and transport this certain warmth to his audience. Over the past eight years the DJ and producer has established the Venetian sound in the scene.

INTERVIEW & ART:CAST Francesco Chiocci

Spreading his music from the region of Umbria in Italy, Francesco Chiocci‘s rise has begun last year. The self-entitled hard-dreamer created ‘Nightmares‘ on Dixon and Ame‘s label Innervisions having a ‘Black Sunrise‘ prequel on Connaisseur. Torture the Artist spoke to the DJ and producer who also delivers the latest art:cast for the site.

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