CLASSIC REVIEW & FREE DOWNLOAD GusGus ‘David (King Britt’s Underwater Remix)’ [Underwater Records]

Going back a little in electronic music’s history will lead one – sooner or later – to Icelandic band GusGus, whose name derives from the word couscous and who made their first appearance in the scene with their self-entitled album in 1995. Ever since the formation has added and exchanged members producing various genres of electronic music, testing and pushing themselves to musicial limits with visions that were bigger than reality could ever have been. GusGus were more than a band, rather a steady and ever changing process that focused on the reinvention of its own creativity resisting and overcoming failure in order to discover newness. At the beginning of the new millenium GusGus experienced a period of prosperity and released one of their most successful singles ‘David’, a synth-pop/ eurodance influenced tune that was provided with remixes from Tim Deluxe, Darren Emerson and King Britt amongst others.

Latter turned the original version of ‘David’ into a New York-sounding House tune, musically taking his listeners back to an almost 12 minute long trip to the early days of ‘Vocal House’. Therefore the Philadelphia based producer adds a stomping bass line to the looped vocals from the original. In the course of the track the lead-synth sets in and is supported by another ascending arpeggio that merges with the aforementioned melody and causes this typical mental ‘Vocal House’-moment that can only be evoked, when the bass line carries one through the range of the melodies. The lyrical I, the person who tells its story in the track, stresses its demand of ‘David’ with verses like ‘I am thinking of you’ and puts even more power into its personal demand with the verse ‘Yes, I am thinking of you’, which follows after the previous line and is repeated several times. Partly the name ‘David’ even sounds like ‘Baby’. Unfortunately ‘David’ was not with the lyrical I that night, ‘I still have last night in my body’, to share an assumptive yet outstanding moment with it. One can assume that ‘David’ describes the urge of a woman to share an intense moment of clubbing, ascribed to the fact that the lyrical I is also borrowed the voice from female singer Urder Hakonardottir alias Earth in the track. But that, of course, only makes sense if one acts on the assumption of a stereotypical role allocation.

Innervisions label head Dixon must have been ‘thinking of David’ too lately as he played the track in his set at the MDRNTY Cruise. Whether he wanted to transport the certain message of the lyrical I in the track or put more emphasize to King Britt’s musical approach of the remix, is only to answer by Dixon himself. Still the Berlin based DJ is known for his excursions into House music’s history and plays a classic from time to time. So giving King Britt’s interpretation of ‘David’ 14 years after its first release some space in his sets, shows him worshipping the roots of the music.

GusGus’ ‘David (King Britt’s Underwater Remix)’ can be downloaded for free on the band’s soundcloud channel in the link below. (Holger)

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