TOP10 of unreleased tracks for September 2017

Here’s the latest top10 of unreleased tracks for September brought to you by Torture the Artist to give you an overview, which tunes you shall look out for within the next weeks and months.

  1. Dj Tennis feat. Fink ‘Certain Angels (The/Das Remix)’ [!K7 Records]
  2. Maria Rita ‘Lamento Africano/ Rictus (Joakim Remix)’ [Optimo Music]
  3. Cleveland ‘Pay Back’ [Hivern Discs]
  4. Dominik Marz ‘Tears (Aera Remix)’ [unknown]
  5. Dorisburg ‘Venom’ [Mountain Records]
  6. Yandom ‘Mean Motive (Daniel Bortz Remix)’ [And Music Germany]
  7. The Cure ‘Love Song (Marcus Worgull Edit)’ [unknown]
  8. Tlak ‘Cristal’ [These Eyes]
  9. Ricardo Tobar ‘Rue Calme (Marc Pinol Remix)’ [Musar]
  10. Mattheis ‘Herds (Oceanic Remix)’ [Nousklaer]

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