REVIEW Howling ‘Phases (Toto Chiavetta Remixes)’ [Countervisions]

Not long after the original’s release in early March, Howling’s ‘Phases’ is remixed by Toto Chiavetta and Alex.Do. Already a staple in both Dixon and Ame’s sets, Chiavetta’s remixes are a unique reinvention.

In clever modulation of key, Chiavetta chooses to highlight the main vocal melody in his ‘Colour Two Remix‘, which, despite the originals track’s minor key, is major. This key change is in stark contrast to the Howling original, which emphasizes the minor tonic note with low bass notes and darker beats. Keeping with this more optimistic feel, the DJ and producer decides to utilize live, or acoustic instruments such woodwinds and the piano. Both of these instruments can be very sweet and whimsical, which compliments the legato falsetto vocals.

Chiavetta’s second remix, or the Colour Zero Remix, is less vocal oriented, and has a more eerie, twisted feel. With its faster tempo, and lower bass notes, this variation has, again, gone in a different direction than its theme. The track begins with various samples of the original vocals, woven together as if it were a multiple person chorus. Low notes rumble and high notes echo, while the rhythm and bass is more fully developed.

Toto Chiavetta’s ‘Phases Remixes will be released on April 28th, 2017 on Countervisions – a cooperation between Counter Records and Innervisions. 

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