REVIEW Mr. ID ‘Salat Ala Nabina (Sifa Remix) [Offering Recordings]

Belgium producer, founder of label DEPTH, and label manager of Offering Recordings, Sifa is making waves in the underground music scene. Out on Offering Recordings, a label known for its Afro-house orientation, his latest remix has many diverse influences.
The tracks original producer and vocalist’s Moroccan descent is showcased in the GENRE of music they created – Gnawa music, a well-preserved repertoire of ancient African Islamic spiritual and religious songs and rhythms which are performed through poetry, music and dancing. Sifa’s remix not only shows respect for the original, but also creatively redirects it into a new life.
Soft beats gently nudge the track in to time, while pitched drums bounce from high to low. Already set to an accelerating tempo, the angelic vocals are introduced, adding texture. The echoing, ethereal vocals rise and fall, unfolding and resonating in an airy and whimsical way. Ascending and euphoric synth notes parallel the vocals upward motion, both of which create a wholesome feeling of ease and harmony. A slight pause in all melodic components, leaving the rhythm to stand bare, emphasizes the beauty of the absent. One after another, all musical elements are reintroduced, and if possible, are more pleasing than before.
The final masterpiece, an ancient African Islamic religious song with an electronic touch, leaves the listener feeling both elated, and enchanted. (Tess)
Sifa’s remix of ‘Mr. ID feat. Kawtar Sidik ‘Salat Al Nabina’ will be released on April 21st, on Offering Recordings.

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