EXCLUSIVE Floorfillers ‘That End Song’ [Skylax Special Edition]

French artist duo Floorfillers, Matteo and Thomas, have devoted themselves to the glorious House sound of the 90s, which now sees a rise in popularity but only few artists manage to produce tracks in the same style, which do not sound like cheap copy of former times. Floofillers though deliver a fiver tracker, Sting the Floor, on Skylax, which deserves to be called the proto-type of House music for a new era in the 20s. It’s Acid, it’s House, it’s French Filter House, it’s warm, it’s sexy, it’s meant to made to stay forever and bring back the positivity from the early House era in difficult times. The B1, That End Song, is a piano influenced House take, which can – like the track title suggests – be the last one to be played or simply the track in a set to enhance those nostalgic feel good vibes for another six minutes. The array of keys basically creates an addiction making dancers and listeners strive for more of the track’s melody, which they are served on a House drum rolling into one’s heartbeat.

Floorfillers’ Sting the Floor EP will be released on Skylax Records.

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