EXCLUSIVE Mark Du Mosch ‘Flyers’ [Fluyo]

Newly founded label Fluyo by Jorge Escribano makes it appearance on the big stages with its first VA called Fragments from Finowstraße including four cuts that cover the time-span from the 90s till 2010 and explore Techno and Electro sound-aesthetics. The B1, Flyers, comes from Dutch veteran producer Mark Du Mosch, who has had releases on Royal Oak, Dekmantel or SoHaSo amongst others, and was originally produced in 1999. Therefore Mark fuses Italian Disco with Acid and puts an early House drum to the track. Overall the Flyers has a nostalgic video game vibe with its bleepy sounds but is certainly more than a memory of the past but a track worth finding its way into DJ-bags in the golden 20s.

Fragments from Finowstraße is out on Fluyo.

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