EXCLUSIVE Braque de Weimar ‘Mister Freeze’ [Stay Underground It Pays]

Stay Underground It Pays’ thirteenth outing comes from Braque de Weimar, who delivers a quality six tracker on the Skylax Records sub-label. After several releases on D.ko. and Cracki, it is now time for the French artist to sprinkle his House magic on the label and worshippers of 90s French House will hardly believe their luck. Braque de Weimar delivers funky, disco-esque, filter tunes taking the floors back to a time of ultimate joy, love and happiness in the most classy manner. The EP opener Mister Freeze therefore marks the filter-moment we’ve been waiting. It’s uplifting continuous vibe, the inweaved catchy chords as well as minor vocal snippets are basically everything it needs to guarantee or create impressive and memorable nights.

Braque de Weimar’s EP Sur le pave will be released on Skylax Records.

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