EXCLUSIVE Simoncino ‘Inga’s Creme (Chez Damier Club Mix)’ [Skylax Special Edition]

Chez Damier’s timeless classic remixes of Simoncino‘s Inga’s Creme, which were originally released in 2011, now get the re-issue on Skylax Special Edition. Put together as The Warrior Dance (Chez Damier Remixes), the EP comes with altogether three remixes, which back then were out on two separate EPs and are now for the first time available on one vinyl. The Warrior Dance opens with Chez Damier’s Club Remix of Inga’s Creme and is built around a classy 4/4 House-bassline, which is – in the course of the track – added Chez Damier’s typical deep almost organ-sounding chords making the track a continuous momentum of what House music should sound like. Temporary percussive and vocal intermezzi add just the right amount of diversity to the track to make it memorable even after twelve years of its original release.

Simoncini’s The Warrior Dance (Chez Damier Remixes) will be released on Skylax Special Edition on May 30th, 2023.

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