EXCLUSIVE Lazy Snail ‘Remercier (Battilani Remix) [Flexi Cuts]

Lazy Snail’s Lucky Life EP was originally released in December 2022. Thereby the five-tracker explores the different sounds and esthetics of electronic music delivering valuable cuts with a downtempo note. Now, almost six months later, Lucky Life gets a second life as the EP is remixed by five different artist, each sprinkling their magic on the tracks. Angelo Battilani took on remix-duties for the former EP-opener Remercier, turning the original into a club-oriented stomper that tries out or rather fuses electronica with House music. Keeping the melodic momentum of the original Battilani understands to speed up the tempo to achieve a sound-sequence madness that explores the deepness of fulfillment as if beats in space finally sound.

Lazy Snail’s Lucky Life Remixed will be released on Flexi Cuts on May 9th, 2023.

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