EXCLUSIVE Richer ‘Move At Night’ [OPIA Records]

Responsible for the thirteenth outing on OPIA Records is Argentinian artist Matias Richter, probably known by many under his artist moniker Richer and as the label-head of Calypso’s Dream. Coming in with four tracks on his Klub Control EP, which are musically connecting the dots between the 90s and the present, Richer produced a potpourri of catchy takes that bring together the club-vibe with beach-enthusiasm or in other words: Hello to the summer ’23. The A2 Move At Night does what the track title suggests, deep chords with trancey dreamy wefts float over a housey bassline with minimal-influences as if seawater were sprinkled on a hot body to kiss the day away and move through the night.

Richer’s Klub Control EP is out on OPIA Records.

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