Nuances de Nuit co-founder T. Jacques is back with a five-tracker or as the artist himself says “a hot minute since I released a full record”. The Londoner releases those hot productions on Truly Madly’s MINDHELMET label and marks the only third full EP by one artist on the label – after catalogue numbers three and six – and his first EP after Hobbit Housers on his own label back in 2021. And it seems as if the wait was worth it, T. Jacques delivers five cuts in his inevitable minimalistic yet deep style, a mixture of joy and reluctance or the endeavor of turning the dancefloor nuts by implementing those deeply touching synth-chord lines in the dancers’ heads – pronto! The latter does not only express the pace of T. Jacques mission but is also the A1 on the EP – a constant groover gaining its power not only from it’s lush bassline but, as before mentioned, from the “mental” chords, which sound like the water drops pouring down from a stalagmite in a limestone cave and therefore create a unique vibe all through the track.

T. Jacques’ EP MINDHELMET 09 will be out soon.

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