ART:CAST #146 by Keisuke

It’s hard to pinpoint Keisuke’s style down to one genre as the London/Berlin-based artist fuses various sub-genres from electronic music like Minimal, House or Deep House.


Residing in Barcelona but musically growing up in the Parisian scene Molly recently contributed two tracks to Fort Romeau and Ali Tillett's Cin Cin label.


Bülent Gürler has been living and breathing music for a few decades now and through the years, his impeccable and sophisticated production style, world-class and highly potent DJ skills, and a striking signature charm have not lost their luster.


With their two albums, 'Freezer' and 'Exit Strategies', The/Das have represented their musical versatility, their way of finding various approaches to music and implementing current personal influences into their creative production processes.

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