EXCLUSIVE Soul Clap ‘Sueño Hebreo (Lauer Remix)’ [Skylax Records]

The latest release on French label Skylax Records is nothing but the summer House anthem for 2023 coming from the Bostonians of Soul Clap, who deliver the feel good track Sueño Hebreo including a remix from Lauer. The latter comes up with an approach, which takes listeners and dancers equally on a journey to the golden Italo-House era. The piano-synth-line and the straight House bassline basically scream for a revival in the present of these times and, fair enough to say, do not sound outdated or old but are more a reference to Lauer’s ability of creating a timeless take with the potential of turning floors upside down or simply evoking those feel good vibes on it.

Soul Clap’s Sueño Hebreo is out on Skylax Records.

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