REVIEW Tom Frankel ‘Obvious Choice EP’ [E&X Records]

Tom Frankel surely is not a newcomer to the scene but a versatile producer, who has been releasing and producing tracks for labels such as Oleeva, Music Related, Shall Not Fade or his very own imprint Shellers for a while. On the latter he releases heavier pieces including a Missy Elliot remix for example. Additionally he is part of the duo Frankel and Harper, who release Garage with a modern groove and twist on their common label Council Worx. Frankel’s latest EP, Obvious Choice, is out on SY’s E&X Records. With the release Frankel explores musical deeper and progressive territories yet showing the more melodic and softer side of his producer-nature.

The EP’s title track, Obvious Choice, is a break-esque proggy House tune with catchy pads and slightly broken beats that give a hint to uptempo progressive pieces from the noughties. Revivis’ approach adds a rather modern Deep House note with a more clubby flavor to it. 

The B-side opener Cosmic Arena is an uplifting melodic progressive groover, which sounds equally good at the beginning of a night out or at the afters. Hypnotic pads as well as spoken words create catchy dance floor moments.

Obvious Choice closes with the B2, namely Thunderbird, a track which seem to pay to tribute to the golden Progressive House era that never happened. It is however a nostalgic belter from modern times and an instant future classic. 

Frankel delivers an eclectic EP rich in sounds to shape a night out in the clubs having a track for every moment on the dance floor and react to a crowd’s demand as well as to generate a new impulse. Therefore, Frankel uses old sounds and approaches but turns them into modern soundscapes to create a futuristic nostalgia. 

Tome Frankel’s EP Obvious Choice is out on E&X Records.

Words by Pasha Pliskin

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