REVIEW SY ‘5th Floor EP’ [RAWAX]

Returning to the highly-acclaimed RAWAX label is Berlin-based Mancunian, Simon Heslin, aka SY, whose name has had something of an ascendency in the last few years. Aside from his two EPs on the label you can find SY releasing music on his own E&X imprint. With his new one, 5th Floor, SY takes us back to his roots, with each cut on the EP giving a nod to the early days of house, but smoothly recrafted for today’s dancefloors.   

Opening up the EP is the title track, which centers around a well tried and tested vocal effect, with a bassline reminiscent of Rebel MC’s Street Tough, for those old enough to recall it! Cheeky though this is, the flow of the track, with its lush pads and clean percussive lines, allows this to bring a smile to the face and a shake to the hips which, after all, is what we all need on the dancefloor, right? 

Flipping the 12″ over, the B-side slides its way onto the floor through the exquisitely deep Believe. Again, the bassline has a brilliant bounce about it, with a much more subtle drum workout here, which gives breathing room for the low-EQ pads and synths. This track sits much deeper than its predecessor, but retains its club-ready vibe and is a perfect melting pot of low-end bass action and deep synths, definitely one for the heads.

Closing the EP with the B2 cut As One, a heavy kick leads the dancefloor into a head-spinning combination of swirling pads, bleepy top lines and a softly utilized vocal sample. The bassline again is what carries the track, the low-end sounds throughout this track are so deep you almost have to dig yourself out of a hole in the ground after listening! Another classy joint, this is pure, faultless club music which ticks all the right boxes – deepness, low rolling bass, tight percussion, warm pads and a killer groove. What’s not to love? Hats-off to SY here, this is a really excellent EP from top to bottom.          

SY’s 5th Floor EP is available now on RAWAX.

Words by Al Bradley

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