EXCLUSIVE Nicolas Aftalion ‘Thru Day & Night’ [Wax Classic]

Catalogue number 23 on Skylax’s sub-label Wax Classic comes from French (Deep)House maestro Nicolas Aftalion, who delivers a ten tracker by the name of Spirit of House. The LP is packed with classy and classic House tunes all the way and could also be perceived as the Nicolas’ homage to NY-House and artists like Kerri Chandler. Aftalion’s collection however is more than the latter, it is a renaissance of the genre and a manifesto made for the future. Thru Day & Night is an uplifting take with a 90s touch as piano chords create cheerful moments and the vocals are the missing piece for extraordinary dancefloor moments. Aftalion, having produced music since the late 90s, certainly exceeds any House music enthusiasts’ exceptions with the release of Spirit of House while Thru Day & Night is one out of the puzzle pieces that make it great.

Nicolas Aftalion’s LP Spirit of House is out on Wax Classic.

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