EXCLUSIVE Metropolitan Soul Museum ‘Sumar’s Table’ [Pr0gramma]

British artists Nick Woolfson and Filippo Rocco are Metropolitan Soul Museum, a duo that’s been releasing music with a partly deeper touch as well as broken and heavily hitting basslines, sometimes more atmospheric, more experimental and more ambient-like to then strike with a club-oriented take knocking people off their dancing shoes. For the latest mini-LP, Smooth Machine Control. Filippo and Nick have gathered six tracks of the artists’ current musical being picking up on the before mentioned to come up with a versatile yet coherent release. The mini-LP kicks off with Sumar’s Table, or in Metropolitan Soul Museum’s style, with a broken bassline that one would assume to be found in genres like Bass but in this case can be rather ascribed to Minimal taking a deeper twist. The latter is evoked by the deep synth-line. However, Sumar’s Table captivates listeners due to the implementation of bleeps and beeps, little freaky futuristic sounds that twirl and curl in the track’s arrangement and turn the track into a voyage through electronic music’s more experimental side.

Metropolitan Soul Museum’s Smooth Machine Control is out on Pr0gramma.

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