EXCLUSIVE Nicolas Aftalion ‘NY Hoods’ [Wax Classic]

The 23rd outing on French label Wax Classic comes from Nicolas Aftalion, who delivers an exquisite homage to early House days with his ten tracker Spirit of House. Producing music since the late 90s and drawing inspiration from legendary producers such as Kerri Chandler Nicolas’ LP is musically deeply rooted in the NY-House era. It’s deep, it’s groovey, it’s sexy. The LP’s second track NY Hoodz picks up the NY-context musically and literally. The deep chords over a classic House bassline and the spoken vocals take listeners, dancers, everybody back into time and re-live the golden era of House in the present with a piece of art so strong it will surely impact the genre’s future.

Nicolas Aftalion’s LP Spirit of House is out on Wax Classic.

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