EXCLUSIVE Dj Merci ‘Timelapse’ [DOBRO]

St. Petersburg-based label DOBRO is known for their eclectic releases showcasing their preference for various genres and sub-genres from electronic music. No exception is the seventh catalogue number which arrives with six new tracks going back and forth between House and Disco with nuances of Jazz and more uplifting sequences. Berlin artist Dj Merci contributes a piano-driven take, which honors House music’s golden era of the 90s when raving and House simply became a synonym for having a carefree time out with love being omnipresent. However, Dj Merci transports just this message with his Timelapse track, which in-present times is a blessing and reminds people on and off the floor of enjoying themselves surrounded bei their loved ones as it creates those gone missing moments of happiness in its lapse (of time).

VA 007 is out on DOBRO.

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