ELEVATE’S TOP10 – 03/2023

Located in Berlin Friedrichshain with Berghain/ Panoramabar basically around the corner Cinthie, Meat and their team run the well-sorted and extremely well-curated record store Elevate. The top DJ, producer and House music poster girl Cinthie and Meat have created a happy place for vinyl-lovers as they have a passion for the black gold themselves and with being an active part of the electronic music scene for more than two decades Elevate surely knows what’s good on wax and should be span on the wheels. From now on Elevate presents their monthly favorite vinyl releases from the store on Torture the Artist, ready to be picked up at their Berlin store or in their online shop. 

  1. North 90 – 88 95 EP [Disco Disco Records]
  2. Black’N’Orange – Keep It All Inside [Club U Nite]
  3. Various Artists – Punchline05
  4. Desert Sound Colony – Rip It And Sick It [Sock It To Me]
  5. Unknown – Contra Edits Vol. 2
  6. Detroit’s Filthiest – Smoke Suggests Fire EP [House Of Underground]
  7. Deejays BoBo – Legal Industries EP [Activo]
  8. DJ Gregory & The Ever Boot – My Man Is Back In Town [PGJB]
  9. Nicolas Aftalion – Spirit of House EP [Wax Classic]
  10. Triform – Vinaloop [Faciendo]

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