EXCLUSIVE EVENN ‘Trip After The Club’ [MATE Records]

Spanish House label MATE returns with its 11th outing which comes from Argentinian artist DFRA, who will also have an EP on British House label Hudd Traxx shortly, and EVENN, who’s had releases on RAWAX, HOUSEWAX or Happiness Therapy for instance. So consequently the split EP follows the label’s philosophy of releasing quality House music with a deeper note and partly soulful as well as piano influences. However, DFRA musically mostly focusses on the before mentioned deeper sides of House music, while EVENN explores the more organic side of it, meaning he plays around with organs and the piano and adds some soulful vocals over them to create memorable tracks that probably even artists like Terrence Parker would play. The A2, a Trip After The Club, is no exception and picks up on the previously mentioned. The track starts with a two minute demonstration of harmonies as the chords play and vocals are added to remind us of the best times of Chicago House. The latter is further emphasized by the jazzy and partly funky note the track captures as Trip After The Club then is enriched with a warm bass line, which perfectly goes with the vocal’s message of “shake your body” – because that’s all you want to do when listening to the track.

The split EP from EVENN and DFRA Magic Vibes is out on MATE Records.

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