SUBWAX DISTRIBUTION TOP10 – 09/2022 selected by Baldo

Subwax co-head Baldo is back with his latest chart on Torture the Artist for 2022’s fall madness. After his Ethereal Tubes release on E-Beamz and several busy club-weekends in September the Barcelona-based music-magnet curates a list of current favorites that made it onto the 12/10s or his heavy USB.

  1. Donnie Cosmo – Solar Waves [Limousine Dream]
  2. Rambal Cochet – East Block [Spaziotempo] 
  3. Man/ipulate – Watasumi [Sentaku]
  4. Caprithy – Rele [Exarde]
  5. Black Loops – Higher (DJOKO Remix) [Aterral]
  6. DJ Pipe – Mobile Craft [Global North]
  7. Josh Baker – Going In Lately [Ovnie]
  8. Electromenager – Sunny Side (Youandewan Remix) [Sex Tapes From Mars]
  9. Spandrel – Floaterz [TerraFirm]
  10. Francesco Carvetta – Mind’s Power [PILLZ]

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