EXCLUSIVE Erell Ranson ‘Pregnancy Vibes’ [MELCURE]

The eights installment on Berlin-based label Melcure, the hybrid label of Melisma and Cure Music, comes from northern French artist Erell Ranson delivering the musical goodies that vary between House and Techno and cover a huge amount of moody melodic melancholic dramatic theory. Releasing music since the 90s on labels such as Kalahari Oyster Cult, LW-Recordings or Gestalt Records Nicolas Petitjean, Erell Ranson’s real name, surely hits a nerve with his latest four tracker, New Home, on Melcure. The B1 Pregnancy Vibes comes in rather chill with its calming pad-sounds, the ghost-esque or spooky intermezzo and chords riding an old-school almost Detroit-ish bass line, meaningly sounding raw and unique and purposely not as smooth as a lot of productions these days. With every beat hitting and every chord floating over it Pregnancy Vibes comes closer to bear the perfect soundtrack for a nine month ride with a life long impact.

Erell Ranson’s EP New Home is out on MELCURE.

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