ART:CAST #134 by Farren Laen

NYC-based producer, DJ and label-head Farren Laen delivers the next installment of the art:cast series or a conglomeration of (own) productions paired with pieces that complement and enhance the set’s tone and vibe. Hitting the dark dance spot the New Yorker builds up his set like typical old red brick buildings in the city: stone after stone resulting in a memory lane of the future. Just like in his own music Farren Laen comes up with a vibe that is short of becoming possessive luring one into its atmospheric vortex as the space-out sequences almost have a meditative touch, while latter is left behind shortly before dancers/ listeners drift away in their very own thought bubbles and Farren presses the “House kick-drum” to continue his cat-and-mouse game, a game he seemingly not only plays well but has perfected. Otherwise it’s hard to explain how someone can come up with such a beauty of sound-waves within only 67 minutes.

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